Your Lunch in a jar



Lunch served in glass jars.

Bowl …11,7 € pers.

“Risotto alla Fungaiola riz carnaroli” or truffle-flavored mushroom risotto

Indian Tandoori with vegetables, coral lentils, mangoes and coconut milk

Chili con vegan Carne, kidney beans, peppers, corn, seitan

PAD THAI  with rice noodles and vegetable wok, sweet and sour herb sauce

  • Other choices on request

Dessert in a glass jar ……5.5 € € pers

– lemon curd and fruit cookie crust

– Tiramisu with gingerbread, speculoos, raspberries and raw cocoa

– Biscuit crust with raisins, caramelized apple cinnamon

– Croute, candied pear flavoured with star anise

– Cake with Fair Trade dark chocolate. Cream
rum vanilla

– Fresh fruit panacotta (e.g. blueberries, raspberries, etc.)

Jar deposit= €2