Which formula to choose for your wedding

How to adapt your wedding meal

Depending on the number of people :

Are you planning a large number of guests for cocktails and dinner, like a very large reception for several hundred people?

Is it more of an intimate wedding, family and closest friends?
The fewer guests you have, the more creative your menu can be!

About your budget :

That’s right, the budget has to be taken into account! Whether you’re on a small or large budget, you won’t find the same packages on offer.

But work with us to find a way to save money in some areas, while enjoying yourself in others.

It would be a shame not to treat yourself on the happiest day of your life!

Wedding theme:

Let us know if you have a particular theme, and our proposal will match your wedding theme and mood.

Let’s take a look at some proposals and menus to suit your theme, and you can also suggest some original ideas,

vegan, of course

Have you already decided what you want from our proposals? A buffet or a more traditional, gourmet, creative or refined menu?

The buffet is designed to be very convivial, pleasantly flexible and doesn’t require a rigid table plan.

Guests can stroll from table to table, plates in hand.

This formula will also delight your guests’ palates, as it offers a colourful palette of different assortments and flavours.

You can also opt for a sit-down meal and a dessert buffet to free up space for dancing, depending on the size of the room.

Our proposals click on the image below