plat traiteur végétalien, vegan, sans gluten.

The vegan tapas cocktail party, a reception where you eat nothing but tapas bites.

It’s all the rage these days,

and with good reason!

You can forget about the formality of a sit-down meal, and entertain lots of people at the same time.
Throughout the reception, mouthfuls of food flow past, stretching the pleasure and inviting discovery.
The vegan Tapas cocktail creates a convivial atmosphere, ideal for getting to know each other again and making new connections.
Since we eat standing up, guests are free to move from person to person and from table to table as they please.

We offer a range of formulas, which can of course be adapted to your needs.
For a substantial meal, count 5 to 6 Tapas per person.

(some of our dishes contain soy, nuts, wheat, celery, if you are prone to allergies please let us know)

All formulas are available from a minimum of 12 people
Tapas buffet presentation in fingers food, verrines, dishes, spoons, skewers –
– 5 Tapas per pers. 27.5 € ( 5,5 € per additional Tapas )
– 4 Tapas per pers. 22 €
Suggested details:

Vegetarian gyros wraps, crudités, soya yoghurt garlic and herb sauce

Duo of Maki or Californian Rolls with cucumber, mango, avocado, etc…

Puff pastry with leek fondant and smoked tofu

Verrines of Vichyssoise with fresh peas

Coleslaw verrines and tofu croutons with pimentons

Duo of Petits choux with faux gras cream and onion confit

Duo of Samossa with light curry, vegetables and sweet and sour herb sauce

Bruschetta Escalivade of braised sun vegetables

Gnocchi with tomato fondue and onion confit

Duo of Acras (fritters) with seaweed & spinach, tartar sauce

Small vegan burger, buns, crudité, onions, organic ketchup

Duo of Gyoza, wok of vegetables sautéed in sesame oil, Hoisin sauce

Creamy mushroom gnocchi, truffle flavoured

Duo of vegetable noodles with sweet and sour herb sauce

Sicilian Bruschetta Caponata

Pasta with herb pesto, cherry tomatoes

Wraps with vegetarian gyros, crudités, soy garlic and herb yoghurt sauce.

Sweet potato French fries with vegan sauce.

please find below our service proposals:

Buffet delivery: flat rate for Brussels and BW. 17 €,

Buffet set-up and presentation by a chef = €27

We prepare dishes to order, nothing is made in advance.
The water we use is filtered by a gravity system, which eliminates chemical pollutants, viruses and bacteria,
drug residues, heavy metals… to offer you preparations cooked with pure, healthy water.

Other proposals on request… see some Instagram photos .. here. instagram-com-slurps_traiteur