buffet-world fusion

buffet: world fusion /(vegan) ( min.10 pers.)

cold buffet assortment €37.5

(+ €5.7 for each additional dish added to this menu)


Skewers with grilled tofu cubes in teryaki sauce, and wok of vegetables sautéed in sesame oil and pak choï cabbage, vinaigrette.

Pallet de Quinoa: small roasted burger with quinoa and black beans, cereals, buns, pickled onions, organic ketchup

Acras: crispy-melt fritters with spinach and seaweed, herb tartar sauce

Empanadas : crispy mille feuilles, stuffed with corn, raisins, vegetarian minced meat, candied onions and peppers, sweet spices.

-Steamedgyosas , sweet and sour herb sauce.


Accompaniments: =( 1 choice, €2 surcharge for an additional shared choice)

Curry risotto with lemongrass and coconut cream, diced mango

– OR –

Pasta salad with basil pesto(summer), Tomato confit(winter), sprinkled with Vegan parmesan ,

– OR –

Bataille of oven-roasted sweet potatoes coated with mustard, chives and tarragon

including: a variety of tasty sauces


additional choice of Desserts: €7.50 (vegan)

2€ supplement per shared choice

– Crème brulée with tonka bean
– lemon curd cookie crust
– Tart of the day, blueberries, apples, etc…
– Tiramisu with gingerbread and raw cocoa
– caramelized apple cinnamon cake with raisins
– candied pear croute flavoured with star anise
– with Fair Trade dark chocolate.
– Fresh fruit panacotta (e.g. blueberries, raspberries, etc.)


please find below our service proposals:

For a buffet or lunch, standing or seated minimum 15 people

Buffet served either hot,/ or cold (for hot, a supplement for materials and fuel at your disposal is necessary = + 35€ per 15 pers)

Buffet delivery: flat rate for Brussels and BW. 17 €,

Buffet set-up and presentation by a chef =€37

We prepare dishes to order, nothing is made in advance.
The water we use is filtered by a gravity system, which eliminates chemical pollutants, viruses and bacteria,
drug residues, heavy metals… to offer you preparations cooked with pure, healthy water.

Other proposals on request… see some Instagram photos .. here instagram-com-slurps_traiteur

Condition de vente et livraison