These general terms and conditions of sale govern the relationship between the customer and
/Bingoni as well as the organization and delivery.

The purchaser declares that he/she has read and accepted these terms and conditions of sale before making an immediate purchase or placing an order.

By placing an order, the customer accepts these conditions of sale.

The present general terms and conditions form the contract binding the parties and concern, on the one hand, “the Customer”, the Customer being defined as the person validly representing a legal entity or his own business or a consumer within the meaning of Article I.1, 2° of the Economic Law Code and signifying his agreement to the order form, offer or contract for services issued by Slurps Bingoni traiteur. No deviation from these terms and conditions will be permitted unless agreed in writing by Slurps Bingoni traiteur. Consequently, the customer may not invoke the application of its own general or special terms and conditions, even if these stipulate that they are the only ones applicable. The failure to enforce a clause set out in these terms and conditions shall not be construed as a waiver by Slurps Bingoni traiteur of its right to do so. The customer acknowledges having read and understood these terms and conditions of sale, which may be consulted at any time at https://www.slurps.be/rgpd-cgv/.

  1. Slurps Bingoni catering offers are non-binding. Slurps Bingoni traiteur shall only be deemed to be committed if the offer has been accepted in writing by both parties and the requested advance payments have been made. In any event, the prices contained in the offer will no longer be valid if the offer has not been accepted by the customer and Slurps Bingoni traiteur within fifteen days of the date mentioned on the offer document.
  2. The offer excludes water, fluids and any electricity supply and distribution costs.
  3. Hygiene standards and allergens

    Slurps Bingoni traiteur respects and applies HACCP principles and current legislation. In the event that the product delivered is not consumed immediately upon receipt, the customer must ensure that the required storage conditions are respected. Slurps Bingoni traiteur assumes no responsibility for the improper storage of products after delivery. For sanitary reasons, any uneaten food displayed on the buffets will be discarded. Slurps Bingoni traiteur declines all responsibility if these products are nevertheless taken away, as the cold chain has been broken. All dishes are made in a workshop that uses gluten, peanuts, soy, milk, nuts, celery, mustard, sesame, sulfites and lupin.

    Slurps Bingoni traiteur can therefore not guarantee the total absence of traces of these various allergens in its workshop. Slurps Bingoni traiteur therefore draws the customer’s attention to the potential risks of allergic reactions linked to the consumption of its dishes. Customers are responsible for relaying this information to their guests. Any allergic guest being informed of this risk by the customer is aware of the potential allergic reactions linked to the consumption of the dishes prepared by Slurps Bingoni traiteur. If necessary, the customer must mention, in writing, on the order form, any known allergy among his guests. Slurps Bingoni traiteur reserves the right to refuse the distribution of food to persons at risk.

  4. The offer is calculated for the number of guests. Any change in the number of participants entails a de facto change in the price in relation to the breakdown of fixed costs such as personnel and materials. In any event, Slurps Bingoni traiteur is obliged to revise its prices if the number presumed or ordered is more than 10% lower than that communicated when the “fixed price” offer was drawn up. When work is carried out on a “fixed price” basis, any delay or stoppage not provided for in the agreed conditions will be invoiced to the customer.
  5. Any increase in the price of raw materials, equipment or wages between the time the order is placed and the time it is fulfilled will automatically give rise to a readjustment of the prices, which are established only subject to this express reservation, without this increase exceeding 25% of the amount of the accepted offer.
  6. In the event that the order also includes services, the customer expressly authorizes Slurps Bingoni traiteur to hire the waiters and auxiliary personnel required for the service under the terms and conditions stipulated in the offer, which the customer declares that he is aware of and accepts. The customer undertakes to reimburse these costs on first request. The customer hereby releases Slurps Bingoni traiteur from any liability whatsoever in connection with this mandate and indemnifies it against any action that may be brought against it.
  7. Any changes made after acceptance of the order must be sent to Slurps Bingoni traiteur in writing no later than fifteen days before the start of the event, it being understood that Slurps Bingoni traiteur reserves the right to modify its offer accordingly. In particular, the customer undertakes to give written notice of any increase in the number of guests no later than ten days before the start of the event. If the customer gives notice of an increase in the number of guests less than ten days before the start of the event, he agrees that the additional guests will be charged at 10% more than the price indicated.
  8. The customer shall ensure that access to its premises and their power supply, air conditioning and connections comply in all respects with the technical characteristics and standards of the equipment used.
  9. The Customer undertakes to provide Slurps Bingoni traiteur staff with several parking spaces at the event location. Failing this, the customer agrees to pay the parking charges incurred during the entire event, including set-up and dismantling. These costs will be invoiced to the customer after the event.
  10. The prices mentioned in the offer do not take into account the organizational difficulties encountered on certain sites and may be revised according to circumstances.
  11. Slurps Bingoni traiteur accepts no liability whatsoever for damage of any kind to the property of the Customer or belonging to the participants, whether such damage results from his gross negligence or slight, unintentional, and regardless of where such property has been moved or stored.
  12. Cancellation of an order by the customer must be made by registered mail. In the event of cancellation of the order by the Customer more than fifteen days before the event (date of postmark serving as proof), the Customer undertakes to compensate Slurps Bingoni traiteur up to an amount fixed at 25% of the price of the contract concluded, in addition to reimbursing Slurps Bingoni traiteur for all costs incurred up to the day of cancellation. In the event of cancellation of the order by the Customer less than fifteen days before the event, the Customer undertakes to compensate Slurps Bingoni traiteur up to an amount fixed at 50% of the price of the contract concluded, in addition to reimbursing Slurps Bingoni traiteur for all costs incurred up to the day of cancellation. In the event of cancellation of the order by Slurps Bingoni traiteur for reasons unrelated to force majeure or an event beyond its control, or in the event of non-payment by the customer of the deposits provided for in article 13 of these terms and conditions, the cancellation will result in a lump-sum indemnity in favor of the customer of : – 25% of the order price for cancellations made more than 15 days before the event; – 50% of the amount paid for cancellations made less than 15 days before the event. In the event of cancellation of the order by Slurps Bingoni traiteur for reasons of force majeure, events beyond its control or failure by the Customer to pay the deposits provided for in Article 13 of these terms and conditions, no compensation will be due by Slurps Bingoni traiteur. against her by a member of staff who may have been called upon. 1Force majeure shall mean any sudden, unforeseeable event beyond the control of Slurps Bingoni traiteur, such as fire, natural disaster, storm, explosion, earthquake, act or regulation of a public authority or court decision, strike, lock-out, terrorist attacks or consequences of attacks, disease (epidemic, pandemic such as Corona-virus), lock-down or any other form of social unrest; lack of electricity or other essential services, failure of technical means or any other or similar cause beyond the reasonable control of Slurps Bingoni traiteur. In the event of cancellation of the Contract due to temporary force majeure, the parties are entitled to request postponement of the event (contract revision), which must be carried out within one year of the date on which the force majeure occurred. All sums already paid or due on the date of the occurrence of the force majeure shall remain the property of Slurps Bingoni traiteur. In any event, the parties undertake to find an amicable solution in order to carry out this Contract to the fullest extent possible. In the event of cancellation of the Contract due to force majeure, all sums already paid by the Customer or due on the date of cancellation will be retained by Slurps Bingoni traiteur, except in the case of a Customer who is a consumer within the meaning of the Code of Economic Law, for whom the deposit paid will be reimbursed by Slurps Bingoni traiteur.
  13. If the customer is a company or individual established in Belgium, a deposit of 30% of the total estimated catering offer will be invoiced to the customer upon receipt of written confirmation of the offer. A second deposit, of 40% of the total estimated catering price, will be invoiced to the customer one month before the date of the event. Both deposits must be paid no later than one week before the event. Only receipt of payment of these two instalments, representing 70% of the estimated bid, will confirm performance of the agreed services. In the event of additional services, Slurps Bingoni traiteur reserves the right to issue a supplementary invoice after the event. If the Customer is a company or individual established outside Belgium, a deposit of 100% of the total estimated catering offer will be invoiced. This deposit must be paid at least one week before the date of the event. In the event of additional services, Slurps Bingoni traiteur reserves the right to issue a supplementary invoice after the event. For all customers (Belgium and outside Belgium), in the event of non-payment of deposits on the due date, Slurps Bingoni traiteur reserves the right to cancel or suspend the event without notice or compensation and without prejudice to any rights, as well as to demand payment by operation of law and without formalities of the compensation provided for in article 12 of these general terms and conditions.
  14. All invoices are payable in cash, net and without discount, in euros, to the account mentioned on the Slurps Bingoni traiteur offer. All invoices are addressed solely to the contracting party, i.e. the natural or legal person who signed and confirmed the Slurps Bingoni traiteur offer or order form. At the Customer’s request, Slurps Bingoni traiteur will agree to split an invoice between several natural or legal persons on condition that all of these persons have signed the offer or order form, it being understood that they are jointly and severally liable for all obligations arising from the contract. Any sum unpaid on the due date will automatically give rise, without prior notice, to late payment interest of 1% per month and irreducible fixed compensation of 15% with a minimum of 125 euros by way of damages. Slurps Bingoni traiteur will be liable for the same flat-rate compensation if it fails to provide the service(s) ordered by the Customer at the agreed time, except in the event of force majeure or an event beyond its control. Slurps Bingoni traiteur prefers to send invoices exclusively by electronic means (PDF format). Unless expressly requested otherwise by the Customer within fifteen days of signing the offer or order form, the Customer undertakes to receive invoices from Slurps Bingoni traiteur throughout the contractual relationship and on a permanent basis, at the email address with which it confirmed the offer or order form, and this to the exclusion of any particular platform specific to the Customer. The Customer hereby undertakes to check this email address at the beginning of each month, in order to receive the invoice sent by Slurps Bingoni traiteur.
  15. Any rental of equipment is made under the sole and entire responsibility of the customer, who will be required to compensate for any loss or damage whatsoever that may occur to this equipment, even if fortuitous. In particular, any damage to tablecloths (burns, stains, etc.) or equipment will be invoiced to the customer.
  16. The parties expressly agree that an invoice not validly contested within eight days of the invoice date, by registered mail, will be deemed accepted.
  17. In the event of a justified claim, the liability of Slurps Bingoni traiteur shall not exceed the value of the goods supplied. In any event, Slurps Bingoni traiteur declines all responsibility for delays or failure to deliver in the event of difficulties in accessing the customer’s premises or insufficient preparation of these premises, and more generally in the event of force majeure or events beyond its control. In the event of a claim for which Slurps Bingoni traiteur is liable, the customer agrees not to claim compensation in excess of €500,000 for bodily injury, property damage and consequential loss, and €150,000 for non-consequential loss, being the maximum amount covered by the operating liability insurance policy taken out by Slurps Bingoni traiteur. The customer undertakes to take out all insurance necessary for the type of event he is organizing, in particular for the equipment entrusted to him.
  18. The invalidity of any provision of these terms and conditions shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.
  19. This agreement is governed by Belgian law and any dispute relating to it shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the district of Brussels.

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