World Buffet

Buffet / Bolywood/ Indian Vegan : 37, per person.

– Crispy vegetable pakoras, sweet herb sauce and pilipili

Kerala spiced dahl, black lentil dumplings, saffron onions (can be served hot)

Chapati with coconut butter. + 1€

Aloo Gobbi, sweet potatoes and cauliflower lightly spiced with massala (can be served hot)

Samosa stuffed with vegetables, tofu and green curry

Pak Choî leaf stuffed with small dumplings made from legumes and manioc, marinated in coconut-peanut flavoured with Massala (can be served hot).

Dessert option: semolina and candied fruit cake with cardamom, garnished with pineapple wedges in ginger syrup + €5.5


Italian Buffet Vegan 37.5 € pers

– Crispy mushroom arancini with truffle-flavored vegetable cream sauce.

pizza al taglio a la romana.

– Vegan zucchini cannelloni bolognese

Fritto Misto with sunny vegetables

Salad, arugula, cherry tomatoes, raw vegetables, artichokes vinaigrette

tagliatelle carbonara, vegan parmesan

Penne with basil pesto


Suggestion: Dessert Tiramisu raspberry with raw cocoa + 7 € pers


Buffet vegan, gluten free Latin America 37 € pers.

Inca ensalada”, a Peruvian dish of quinoa, beans and toasted corn, carrots, red onion, beef heart tomatoes and lemon juice.

Chili sin Carne Made with fresh vegetables, beans and soy, and tofumed.

Nachos, nachos tortilla chips, made entirely of corn

Guacamole, avocado, lemon

Enchiladas mexicana, crepes stuffed with kidney beans, vegetables, peppers, and fresh corn kernels, tomato sauce and sweet peppers.

– Baked polenta patties with olive tapenade and cherry tomatoes

grilled vegan brochettes with raw chimichurri sauce, originally from Argentina, prepared with parsley, oregano, garlic, onion, hot pepper and vinegar.

Dessert Raw proposal. 7.5 € pers.

Raw Mango Cupcakes [vegan, gluten-free] The crust of these cupcakes is a blend of almonds, sunflower seeds and Medjool dates.

divinely creamy mango is a blend of mango, fresh turmeric, fresh ginger, lime and coconut with vegetable cream.


We prepare dishes to order, nothing is made in advance.
The water we use is filtered by a gravity system, which eliminates chemical pollutants, viruses and bacteria,
drug residues, heavy metals… to offer you preparations cooked with pure, healthy water.

please find below our service proposals:

For a buffet or lunch, standing or seated minimum 15 people

Buffet served either hot,/ or cold ( for hot a supplement of material and

fuel at your disposal is necessary = + 1,5€ pers )

Buffet delivery: flat rate for Brussels and BW. 17 €,

Buffet set-up and presentation by a chef = €27 (option)

Other proposals on request… click on photo below

some photos here instagram-com-slurps_traiteur


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