ZeroWater filter efficiency

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ZeroWater filter efficiency

5 steps to optimal water filtration

ZeroWater is the only carafe filter certified by NSF for lead filtration.
Lead is very harmful to health.
Water companies filter out most of the lead present in drinking water.
Nevertheless, large quantities of lead can still be found in your tap water.

The chemicals PFOS and PFOA are regularly in the news for their harmful effects on health.
these substances are classified as “substances of very high concern”.
They are considered harmful and carcinogenic.
RIVM (Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment)
studies the damage that PFAS can cause over the long term.
PFOS and PFOA are both chemical and cannot be broken down by our bodies.
They remain in the blood and liver for years.
The more you consume these substances, the more the level of these harmful substances accumulates in your body.
Both PFOS and PFOA can cause liver damage,
have an effect on our immune system and harm the reproduction and development of the unborn child.
These substances are also probably carcinogenic.
ZeroWater removes these substances from the water using the 5-stage filter.
ZeroWater USA has received NSF certification for this purpose.
This makes ZeroWater the only filter brand with these certifications.


Tested according to NSF protocol, based on 150 liters of filtration, ZeroWater removes 99% of copper from tap water.

ZeroWater eliminates 99% of cyanides from your tap water.

ZeroWater removes 74% of nitrates from your tap water. The Premium 5-stage ion exchange water filtration system removes more contaminants than standard 2-stage filters.

Zerowater’s 5-stage filter results for inorganic chemicals listed in EPA’s National Primary Drinking Water Regulations and contaminants listed in EPA’s Secondary Drinking Water Standards can be found below.


This table shows metal filtration.