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We prepare dishes to order, nothing is made in advance.
The water we use is filtered by a gravity system, which eliminates chemical pollutants, viruses, bacteria, drug residues, heavy metals… so that you can enjoy food prepared with pure, healthy water. device available ../
Each recipe requires a lot of ingredients, preparation and cooking time. (some of our dishes contain soy, nuts, wheat, celery, if you are prone to allergies please let us know)
To offer you the best possible gastronomic experience, we ask you to choose the same starters, main courses and desserts for your entire order. This is also for anti-gaspis, ecological and economic reasons. Thank you for your understanding.

Minimum order: 2 menus or more

the same ! and 24 hours in advance

Starter: (Vegan)

Green asparagus and young leeks, spring rolls, tofu brouillade with saffron and veggie beurre blanc, herbs branches 17 €(Minimum order: 2 dishes)(spring – summer)

– Beluga lentil tartar and eggplant caviar, seaweed and crudités.17 €(Minimum order: 2 dishes)


Vegan salmon-style seafood terrine,
Seaweed caviar, bisqué sauce, leek salad, Dyll and Salicornia.18 €(Minimum order: 2 dishes)

– Porcini and chestnut panacotta, flavoured with coffee, roasted walnut crumble. 17 €(Minimum order: 2 dishes)

– Creamy pea espuma, braised onions, smoked polenta croutons 17 €(Minimum order: 2 dishes)


– Oyster mushroom nuggets in crispy breadcrumbs, tartar sauce 17 €(Minimum order: 2 dishes)

-Perfumed crispy vegetable tempura, herbed veganaise flavored with Espelette pepper 17 €(Minimum order: 2 dishes)

– Pastilla with tofu brouillade, braised leeks and toasted almonds,
avocado cream with combava, coriander and fresh herbs. 19 €(Minimum order: 2 dishes)

– Avocado espuma with combava, beluga lentil tartar, samphire seaweed and leafy herbs ***19 €(Minimum order: 2 dishes)

– Emulsion and potato straw Vitelotte with truffle, grilled eggplant caviar, truffle slice **** 26.5 €(Minimum order: 2 dishes)

– Patchwork of cauliflower, raw, roasted and in hummus, sprinkled with saffron and pistachio praline with fleur de sel 16 €(Minimum order: 2 dishes)

– Red beet emulsion, on a bed of olive tapenade, black garlic slivers, sweet and sour lemon cream and kale chips, €18.5(Minimum order: 2 dishes)

– Home-made brioche and faux gras terrine, roasted pistachios and onion confit with raspberry wine. Small fresh salad.21 €(Minimum order: 2 dishes)(WINTER only)

Main courses: (vegan)

– Medallions of Atlantic flavor, eggplant caviar, seaweed. green sorrel and chervil sauce 19 €.(Minimum order: 2 dishes)

– Wellington vegan stuffing with nuts and legumes, side dishes:
-Or Cream of pea soup, mashed vitelottes potatoes and braised vegetables of the moment(Minimum order: 2 dishes)
-Or Creamy Gratin Dauphinois, braised vegetables of the moment(Minimum order: 2 dishes)
-Or creamy risotto with shallots and porcini mushrooms flavored with truffles. 23 €.(Minimum order: 2 dishes)

-Pithiviers, stuffed with vegan minced meat, mushrooms and ceps, cream sauce, cognac flambé
Potato Rösti. 24 €

(Minimum order: 2 dishes)

– 100% Vegetable ham, smoked, caramelized with agave syrup and mustard, beer onion sauce, potato rösti. 21 €(Minimum order: 2 dishes)


– North Sea ravioli with seaweed, celeriac, spinach (4 pieces) topped with a beurre blanc veg sauce, samphire and dill. 24.5 €(Minimum order: 2 dishes)

– Paupiette en habit vert, vegan stuffing with legumes, roasted walnuts, candied onions, chestnuts and mushrooms,
Bouquetière de Légumes , Gratin crémeux et onctueusement Dauphinois.21 €(Minimum order: 2 dishes)

– Puff pastry with a queen’s touch, creamy cream with market mushrooms and textured tofu in a veggie chicken style. sweet potato fries 19 €(Minimum order: 2 dishes)

– Hachis Parmentier, spinach fondant, vegan stuffing, legumes and mushrooms, mashed sweet potatoes and delicious tartufatta cream sauce 23 €(Minimum order: 2 dishes).

Dessert:(Minimum order: 2 of the same dishes)

Classic crêpes Suzette (syrup and citrus confit), flambéed with Grand Marnier. 12 €
Moelleux au chocolat, heart of fondant, vanilla rum cream 9.5 € € € 9.5

Tiramisu with raw cocoa and raspberries €9.5

Blueberry panacotta € 7.5

Tarte tatin, rum flambé, vanilla cream €9.5
Blueberry or raspberry lemon curd crust €9.5


Delivered to your home 12 € (Bxl, B.W), in recyclable or bio-compostable packaging, ready to heat up or enjoy. /vidangeSI pot Weg = + 2,€.
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